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Flexible Online Education that Fits Your Busy Life

Our Virtual Classroom

Heritage College is always looking to offer our students education that fits their needs. Increasingly, that means delivering instruction through virtual means, so you can develop your own, personalized learning schedules.

Heritage College’s distance learning courses offer students the ability to complete most of their education online. We combine pre-recorded lessons and demonstrations from our team of qualified instructors with with weekly live lectures where you can engage with your instructors and fellow classmates. This allows you to complete most of your learning on your own time while also building valuable relationships with your peers and your instructor that will last past graduation and into your future careers.

Our distance learning team ensures you are not going to be left behind to learn on your own, as you are with traditional online courses. Instead, your education will resemble traditional classroom learning, only delivered to you in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Heritage College uses the Moodle platform to manage our online learning. Moodle allows our students to connect with their instructors, take lessons and quizzes online, hand in assignments, and join in discussions and live lectures from the comfort of their own home. 

The Distance Learning Difference

At Heritage College, our distance learning courses are offered through 100% online learning. This means we combine online, pre-recorded lectures alongside regular, scheduled lectures and an in-person practicum in a partner location.

As with traditional classes, our live lectures take place on a set schedule. However, these lectures are offered at convenient times designed to fit your busy schedules, and they take up only half the time of traditional in-class lectures. The remainder of your learning will be provided through pre-recorded lessons delivered by your instructors that you can watch at any time. This gives you the flexibility to re-watch your instructors’ lessons so you can catch up as needed, and review course material throughout your education.

This blend gives you the flexibility to schedule your own learning pace alongside a chance to connect and engage with your peers, and the hands-on instruction employers value.

At Heritage College, our distance learning offering gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility of online learning, and the real connections of live lectures.

Student Support

All of Heritage College’s students receive the same level support, whether they study online or on campus. This includes the full support of our Career Services team, in both finding a practicum that works for you and in helping you secure that dream job after you graduate. Heritage College works with our online students to ensure they have the knowledge, training and skills needed to find and succeed at a new career. 

Heritage College Students
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