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Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions about Heritage College. It answers questions relating to support services, programs, admissions, and more.

Heritage College is a licensed private career college governed by Alberta’s Private Vocational Training Act. Our degrees are licensed by Alberta Advanced Education’s Private Career Colleges act, meaning our training meets industry standards, our students are eligible for provincial student aid, and our students have governmental recourse for complaints, refunds and other protections.

You can find us listed in Alberta’s list of Post-Secondary Schools on alis.alberta.ca.


Heritage College does have minimum English language and mathematics proficiency requirements, but we do not require our students to have any prior educational experience.

Each program has its own specific set of requirements, which our admissions team will review with you during the admissions process. This includes our skills assessment test, conducted by Wonderlic, which tests your proficiency in areas relevant to the program you are applying for. 


Heritage College is a licensed post-secondary institution in Alberta, and we have been recognized by the governments of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Northwest Territories as a regulated Canadian career college. That means if you live in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or the Northwest Territories and require financial assistance to attend Heritage, you can apply for such assistance through your provincial government.

Heritage College does not guarantee your student loan application will be accepted, nor do we guarantee that you will receive 100% of the funding you request. That decision is up to your provincial or territorial government, and dependent on your own personal financial status.

In addition, Heritage College does not apply for student loans on your behalf. The student loan application process involves private, confidential information that we, at Heritage College, should not be privy to. While we can help advise you during the process, completing the student loan application process is the responsibility of each individual student.

You can find out more on our Financial Aid page.

Heritage College has partnered with Ed2Go to provide short (6 weeks or less), affordable online courses to the communities we serve. As Ed2Go is an American company, their fees are in $USD.

To avoid extra fees and delays associated with processing $CAD, we chose to offer these courses in $USD. This ensures you can sign up when you want to want to, and get access to the courses you want straight away, without delay.

To ensure you’re receiving only the most accurate and up-to-date information, we do not publish our tuition fees online. Information can become out-of-date, or archived with incorrect information, potentially misleading students about costs and fees.

To ensure our students receive only the most up-to-date information on tuition costs, we maintain a tuition pricing list in-house, that any member of our admissions team has access to. If you are interested in one of our programs, you can obtain an up-to-date quote by contacting us at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

We have a variable intake schedule, depending on student demand and instructor availability. Our commitment to maintain small class-sizes means that if demand for increases, we have to schedule additional sessions, and that means creating new intake dates and cohorts.

We try to maintain schedule of upcoming start dates on our website. However, to ensure you’re receiving the most up-to-date information, please contact us at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

We offer classes in one of three delivery modes:

  • In-Class: Traditional learning offered 100% in-person at our Northeast Calgary campus.
  • Online: 100% online learning, delivered through Classe365, our online learning portal.
  • Blended: A blend of online and in-class learning, offered for programs that require some practical hands-on lab experience. Blended courses offer all of their theory components online, supplemented by a few weeks of in-class labs to ensure students obtain the hands-on experience employers will be looking for.

Contact our admissions team to see which of our programs are offered through each delivery mode at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

All of Heritage College’s online courses are offered through our Classe365 online learning portal. Classe365 allows you to access your lectures and course material anytime, anywhere. You can submit assignments, complete quizzes, and chat with your peers and teachers through our online platform.

You will be granted access to Classe365 shortly before the first day of your classes.


All of our courses have a set class schedule. For our in-class courses and blended labs, you are expected to be on-campus in-class during the scheduled class time.

For our blended and online courses, you will have pre-scheduled live lectures, where you will have a chance to meet with your instructor as part of a small peer group. This helps ensure you are staying up-to-date with your class material, and gives you valuable access to our expert instructors as they help to walk you through our programs. 


All of Heritage College’s courses have a guaranteed practicum component. The exact length of the practicum varies depending on the courses. 

You can reach out our Career Services team for more information at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

Unless otherwise noted, your practicum will always take place after you’ve completed all your applicable theory and lab courses. As many of our students get hired straight out of their practicum, we find placing the practicum at the end of the program ensures the student can start working right away, and that the student is able to put their best foot forward during the practicum.

Check with your Practicum Coordinator for the exact timing of your practicum. Your Practicum Coordinator will usually reach out to you four to six weeks before the start of your practicum to provide you with more information. At that point, your Practicum Coordinator will be able to answer any questions you have about practicum, and offer you all the support you need to make your practicum a successful one.

Yes. Your practicum is a mandatory, graded part of your program. To receive your diploma, you must receive a passing grade on your practicum from your Practicum Coordinator.

If you are unable to complete your practicum due to exceptional circumstances, your Academic Advisor will work with you develop a learning plan to accommodate your needs and help you obtain the credit hours you need to graduate. Please note that Heritage College only allows a student to replace their practicum with alternatives in extremely rare circumstances, such as family crises or health emergencies.

Moodle is an incredibly forgiving platform when it comes to technical requirements. Almost any computer bought over the past decade should be able to access Moodle and allow you to take your courses. This includes Windows computers, Mac computers, and Chromebooks. All the software used in most programs (Moodle, Zoom, Splashtop) are available on all major platforms.

Please note: Accounting & Payroll Administration students will require a Windows computer to access the unique software used in that program, such as QuickBooks Desktop and Sage 50 Cloud.

Heritage College offers all online students a laptop when you start your program with us. This ensures you have the technology you need to effectively complete your program with us, without having to worry about buying a new computer.

You can get more information about our free laptop promotion by contacting our Admissions team at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

Your instructors will do their best to support during your education to try and prevent this unfortunate incident. However, we understand that sometimes circumstances do arise, and students do fail their courses.

The minimum passing grade at Heritage College is 60%.

If you don’t pass your course, you will have a chance to re-write any failed exams or quizzes. You are provided one free re-write per program. If you require more than one re-write, you will be charged a fee of $30 per rewrite for theoretical exams and $50 for practical exams.

If you fail to pass the course even after this re-write, you will have the option of taking the course again with a future batch. You will be responsible for paying all applicable course fees for that retaken course.

For more information about retaking exams our courses, contact our academics team at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

We love graduations here at Heritage College!

All of our students, be they online, blended, or in-class, will be invited to a graduation ceremony, based on the date of your program completion. We aim to have two graduations a year, so you won’t have to wait too long to walk across the stage and celebrate your academic achievements.

Your Academic Advisor will provide you with more information about graduation as you approach the end of your course. If you are a graduate who would like to attend a graduation ceremony, please feel free to reach out to us at 403-800-8221 or info@heritage-college.ca.

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