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Hire Success With Heritage

Since our founding in 2016, Heritage College has been working to connect Calgary-area businesses and non-profits to the quality employees they are looking for. And we know the quality of the employees we are sending out to our employment partners because we train them. All Heritage College students receive industry-leading training, developed to provide our graduates with the skills they need to succeed in today’s dynamic workplaces. We are constantly reaching out to, and building new partnerships with, various employers to ensure our students are receiving relevant and in-demand skills training that organizations like yours are looking for. And, in turn, we offer our employment partners potential interns and hires whose training, skills and abilities they can trust.

Heritage College has highly qualified and experienced graduates in healthcare and business. Our Career Services department is happy to work with your human resources team to provide you with future graduates who meet your organization’s hiring needs.

We are happy to provide the following services to our partner organizations, FREE OF CHARGE:

  • Resume Screening
  • Interview Pre-screening
  • Distribution of Job Postings
  • Relief Staffing

Expected turnaround time from the receipt of an employment request to finding the right graduate for your position is approximately two days.


All Heritage College students must complete a certain number of supervised work experience hours before they graduate. If you would like to volunteer your business as an internship partner, our Career Services team is excited to work with you and provide the best experience for our students and your organization.

To request an intern, please fill out the form below.

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